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Our people are the heart and soul of what we do, and we are always on the lookout for talented professionals to join Infinity’s global team. So if your work reflects beauty, you are committed to the mutual development of your colleagues, partners and clients, and you inspire integrity in all you do, then check out our available positions below. We look forward to hearing from you!

available positions




Marketing Assistant (1 person)
Job Description:

1.Organize and manage all Marketing Department documents and collateral

2.Write, edit, compile, and integrate all tender-related information, including technical requirements and quotations, etc.

3.Print, bind, and deliver tenders to customers

4.Translate tender and project documents


1.Bachelor’s degree in English, Business Administration or other relevant majors

2.Proficient English (CET-6 or above); Good command of both verbal and written English; Competent in PPT/Word/Excel/AutoCad and other Office software

3.Adept in learning and willing to accept challenges Ability to complete all assigned tasks from the Marketing Dept.

4.A strong sense of team spirit, planning, and execution; meticulous and patient, with a strong sense of confidentiality and good communication skills.

Senior Quantity Surveyor (1 person)
Job Description:

1.Responsible for compiling Bills of Quantity and Price Instructions as per design proposals, renderings, MEP design plans, equipment selection or other documents

2.Prepare quotations and compile overall costs according to the equipment, material enquiries and subcontracting quotes

3.Responsible for the clarification of quotes, participation in bidding discussions, and responses to Q&A sections.

4.Responsible for modifying internal inventory as per developing drawings, and updating quotations in a timely manner

5.Prepare modified quotations according to customer's requirement and drawings provided by the MEP engineer and designer

6.Perform cost analysis and project settlement with customers and subcontractors


1.Wealth of experience in bidding contract negotiation and decoration budget (refined decoration and renovation)

2.Experience in construction management with good communication and internal monitoring skills

3.Proficient in computer and budget software

4.Proficient in preparing and ratifying budgets & final accounts for decoration projects. Strong ability to analyze project costs.

5.Familiar with new quotas and HK special inventories

6.Good skills in both verbal and written English

Quantity Surveyor Assistant (1 person)
Job Description:

1.Participate in basic accounting and assist estimators in making quotations

2.Responsible for signing, arranging, and managing payment requests for subcontracts

3.Basic data entry within department; filing and archiving documents

4.Complete other tasks assigned by the department manager


1.Over 1 year of experience with managing budgets

2.Excellent computer and budgeting software skills

3.Knowledge of processes related to preparing and ratifying budgets and final accounts for decoration projects

4.Good skills in both verbal and written English

M & E Engineer
Job Description:

1.Responsible for preliminary survey of the project, cooperating with the team for preliminary project and providing quote drawings and specifications of AC and electrical equipment. Participate in bidding and project discussion, as well as disclosure to MEP estimators.

2.Responsible for the design and development of MEP drawings, providing MEP construction guidance and technical support and ensuring that MEP designs meet the customer's requirements

3.Provide the drawings approved by the property and fire department; disclosure to project managers and foremen.

4.Update drawings in a timely manner per the customer's requirements; provide solutions to on-site problems.

5.Participant in concealed work inspection and other periodic inspections; propose corrective solutions to on-site MEP problems


1.HVAC, electrical or other relevant majors; in-depth of electrical or AC knowledge; fire and water supply expertise; familiar with relevant regulations

2.Over 3 years of AC, electrical design and drawing experience; applicants with MEP design experience for big office or plant projects are preferred.

3.Proficiency in AutoCAD or other relevant software; English CET-4 or above;

4.Possessed of strong planning, execution and communication skill, a strong sense of professional ethics, with an active and positive working attitude

Project Manager (2 persons)
Job Description:

1.Participate in preliminary bidding work

2.Develop construction organization plans

3.Responsible for construction process management

4.Responsible for project quality management, technical disclosure, and project inspections

5.Responsible for completion acceptance and handover of the project


1.Bachelor's degree or above, with excellent skills in both verbal and written English

2.Over 3 years of foreign enterprise office decoration experience; rich experience in project management

3.Good communication and coordination skills, with a strong service mentality.

Project Supervisor (1 person)
Job Description:

1.Responsible for all pre-construction preparations

2.Responsible for on-site and construction process management

3.Responsible for managing the safety and civil construction atmosphere of construction sites

4.Responsible for handover of the IT room

5.Responsible for coordination between workers and procedures, and making technical disclosures

6.Review variations in project quantities

4.Responsible for the installation and commission of the fire alarm facility

5.Responsible for construction quality control, arranging construction inspections and maintenance

9.Participate in the preparation of completion documents, compile the MEP system manual, and provide training to customers


1.More than 3 years of experience in interior decoration construction management

2.Familiar with MEP construction and working procedures, knowledge of quality control parameters, and familiarity with interior decoration construction technology

3.Familiar with safety management and dealing with on-site emergencies

4.Proficiency in Office and CAD software

5.Hard-working and with good communication skills

IT Supervisor
Job Description:

1.Responsible for global administration of IT services in company headquarters and branch offices, as well as coordinating with subcontracted IT service companies for daily management

2.Leveraging in-depth knowledge of business requirements, balanced against management realities, to work out budgets and plans for building IT infrastructure in relevant domains

3.Responsible for the continual improvement and optimization of information systems


1.Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Information Management, System Engineering or relevant majors. Over 5 years of working experience in implementation of information systems. Background in architecture and design companies is preferred.

2.Possessed of analytical, inductive, and abstract reasoning skills, with strong writing abilities and ability to organically integrate company requirements, product functions, operations and interface methods.

3.Familiar with the internal working procedures and integrated application of relevant information systems Process optimization experience is preferred.

4.Familiar with the functional application of SAP, ERP, CRM, EHR and OA systems, with system structuring and multi-system implementation and management experience

5.Work carefully, seriously, and responsibly, with a hard-working and diligent attitude, able to work well in occasionally stressful environments

6.Excellent organizational and communication skills with a strong sense of teamwork and good writing skills

Safety Engineer:
Job Description:

Organization and management responsibilities:

1.Responsible for establishment of company's safety specifications

2.Responsible for supervision of security system operations throughout the country, conducting regular safety inspections for all projects in the country, and taking precaution to remove security risks

Detailed working responsibilities:

1.Responsible for safety management in the project department under the leadership of project managers

2.Assist project managers to build and improve the construction safety management system, and develop security systems

3.Establish HSE targets and management solutions for the project department and organize implementation

4.Organize team members to study and abide by relevant laws and regulations related to safe construction safety management

5.Organize safety supervisors to check temporary power, construction machinery, operating licenses of special personnel, construction safety of Exiting Line, seasonal construction plans, fire management, warning label and sign installations on special locations like entrances, charging ports, transformers, and hazardous places

6.Responsible for focused inspection of technical safety measures in Construction Organization Plans

7.Responsible for supervising the safety supervisors to perform daily safety examinations and trainings, and take detailed records for documentation purposes

8.Responsible for reviewing the submission of security reports made by safety supervisors

9.Review the safety education and supervision of subcontractors and other related parties

10.In the event of an adverse event, execute the emergency plan, organize the rescue operations and execute all necessary reports, protecting the site and participating in the accident investigation process

11.Complete other missions assigned by leaders.


1.College degree in Safety Engineering or other relevant majors

2.Over 5 years of safety management experience on site

3.Certificate in Safety Management

4.Certificate in EHS Engineering and working experience on safe and civilized construction sites


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